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Tips to keep French learning fun at home

I started Les Petites Marionnettes to make learning French at a young age fun with hands-on activities involving music, dance, arts and crafts (and delicious treats). When our location had to close temporarily, I was worried switching to a virtual format would make the interaction with participants difficult. But I still decided to try it out with a small group and all my worries melted away when I heard the children singing our greeting song "Bonjour les amis" with big smiles. I have conducted online classes for 7 weeks now and would like to share the following tips with parents to make language acquisition engaging at home.

1) Play popular kids' shows in French and then ask basic questions about the story or characters . Peppa Pig en français , Dino Train, Sam Dynamite, le Village de Dany or Les Pat' Patrouilles are great examples.

2) Cook an easy French recipe with your child like crêpes or yogurt cake and have a little "goûter". You can also support local businesses and get French pastries or other delicacies for a French-themed snack.

3) Have a "fête" (dance party). For popular kids' songs, you can check the youtube channel les titounis. The whole family will enjoy 80 's tunes, including the song "voyage, voyage" that we played numerous times during our travel -themed class.

4) Make arts and crafts and get fun game ideas from those educational French blogs :

Tête à modeler, Hugo l'escargot , Pommes d'Api, Mômes.

5) Go on a virtual scavenger hunt by looking for Marie-Antoinette at Versailles or the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. You can also attend local events virtually like the popular EU Open House.

The key to making language acquisition engaging at this age is to cater to your child's interest and replace worksheets by interactive activities. Interested in having your child participate in our online program this summer? Check our enrollment page to register!

A bientôt!

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