• Pia Decarsin

How do French families celebrate Mardi Gras?

On this side of the Atlantic, Mardi Gras is associated with New Orleans festivities with most celebrations limited to this region of the United States. In France, this Holiday marks the end of the entire Carnival season that begins on January 6th with the Epiphany and is celebrated by towns and schools across the country.

This day is also known for eating fatty foods before the ritual fasting of Lent and closes an entire period of celebrations where families enjoy beignets and other treats such as crêpes (check our recipe here). The tradition is also famous for sumptuous parades and carnivals (the most grandiose takes place in the town of Nice). Children enjoy dressing up in their Mardi Gras costumes in a similar fashion as American kids going to school dressed up for Halloween and take part in parades.

Our Saturday class took part in our own Mardi Gras celebration where children learned about Arlequin, decorated their own mask and participated in a parade on the famous tune “si tu vas à Rio”.

We closed the class by enjoying Mardi Gras specialty doughnuts from Sugar Shack for our snack time to the delight of all. For those who enjoy a cooking challenge, you can try the recipe of French doughnuts, les bugnes


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