Frequently Asked Questions

What is play-based French immersion? 

Unlike other traditional language classes, our program introduces the French language and culture through engaging activities where children are active participants. This program is geared towards children ages 3 to 6 with little to no exposure to French.
The same format is used every week and includes circle time, interaction with puppets,

role play, games, arts and crafts, dance and music. 

Is your program year-around? 

Due to the stay at home orders by Governor Northam, our location is currently closed and our Spring session is offered online to enrollled participants. We are offering online courses this summer from June 27-August 22 (check our enrollment section) and hope to resume classes at our location in a smaller group format in the fall. 

What is the class size and instructor to child ratio? 

For online instruction, we limit the number of participants to 3 so we can ensure the most interaction. When classes resume, we will offer a small group format and take precautionary measures (frequent hand washing, sanitizing of door handles, stickers on the flooor...etc) to follow  social distancing recommendations. 

I missed the first class of the session, can I still enroll?
 Contact us to check if space is still available and we will offer you a prorated rate to join the session if we have not already reached capacity. 

Do you offer more classes besides Saturday mornings? 

Not currently. However, we might offer more time slots in the future if our classes continue to reach capacity. 

How can I ensure the program is a good fit for my child? 

Even in an engaging environment, language immersion requires the ability to stay focused and follow basic directions. Our class format is well suited for children of all levels and learning abilities. We provide feedback on your child’s participation after each class and are always available to discuss your child’s progress. Online classes may require more adult supervision to ensure participants stay engaged. 

What can I expect from regular attendance?  

Children who attend our class regularly will acquire basic French vocabulary (animals, colors, numbers, seasons, days of the week…) and become familiar with French culture (holidays, food, geography and history). The goal is to spark interest in language learning at an early age so that children reap the benefits throughout their school years and beyond. 

What is the instructors’ background/training? 

We are two full time working moms who are raising our children bilingual. We are both native French speakers and have experience teaching French to students of all ages. We design our own curriculum and aim to share our love for the French language and culture in an engaging environment. 

Can I attend the class with my child? 

We offer a waiting area for parents and can also accommodate younger siblings by offering access to our play area. Parents who choose to join the class are asked to participate actively so we can maintain an immersion environment. 


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